Easy Ways To Beat Fatigue

November 03, 2017

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With the demands from work, life and everything in between, we all probably stretch ourselves too thinly from time to time. While you’re anticipating that long-awaited vacation, try these tips to get you through those endless work weeks.

Laugh Out Loud

Arguably the best way to take a breather, a good belly laugh can help you recharge that overworked mind. Every time you laugh, your organs receive increased levels of oxygen, instantly reliving the feeling of stress. Be it a phone call to your dad (you can’t help but laugh at his pun-y jokes!) or watching a hilarious YouTube video, laughing out loud is a surefire way to perk up your day.

Break A Sweat

A short but intensive sweat session can get some oxygen to your brain, boost blood circulation, and jolt you awake. Turn up the stereo, fire up your favorite dance playlist and get moving! Dance hard for five to 15 minutes, or do a few sets of jumping jacks. Some form – any form – of physical activity such as running, walking, skipping, or dancing will get those mood-boosting endorphin flowing. And don’t put it off just because you feel tired – working out will probably be the pick-me-up the doctor prescribed.

Get Scented

The smell of lavender is proven to help you relax, but studies have shown that it also spurs brain-wave activity that will help you focus and get you through a never ending work day. Try a scented lotion, hand-wash, fragrance, or facial spritz. Lavender isn’t the only smell to soothe frazzled nerves. Citrus scents also do the trick. Some scientists suggest that citrus fragrances – in particular, lemon – can work as a mood-lifter.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry

Researchers claim that a timely dose of vitamin C can help to lower our levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, thereby helping us to manage stress more effectively, so grab yourself an orange the next time you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. At lunch, add a little chili, cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce to your meal to fire up those synapses.

Feeling constantly sluggish could be a sign that your body’s not getting the right nutrition. Reset your body’s balance by going on a juice cleanse. When your body’s purge of toxins, you’ll feel lighter and energetic. Try it with The Juice Kit today.

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