Why Cleanse?



Our physical bodies are much more sophisticated, worn out and overworked than any man-made machines. Resetting every once in a while will allow our bodies to clear themselves of the trash and junk that have been accumulated and congested throughout the years. Give your body a rest and be ready to feel the difference!


From our daily activity that we carry out, and the food that we eat to the air that we breathe, causes unavoidable environmental pollutants and harmful toxins to be absorbed into our bodies. These toxins are being stored in places such as the colon, blood stream, lymph nodes, livers and kidneys. Over time, junk then starts to build up, restricting our bodies from receiving the full nutrients that they are meant to absorb and making it difficult to expel all that trash being produced.

That doesn't mean despair! What we all can do is to give our bodies a little help, that extra push, a turbo boost (apart from the routine exercises, clean living and healthy eating) by taking on a Juice Cleanse plan.

A Juice Cleanse essentially gives the body the break that it deserves from unhealthy food choices (we all are guilty as charged), to recover and rejuvenate from all that strenuous digestive work it has been doing. But without you undergoing any form of diet, starvation or deprivation.

Rather our nutritional Juice Cleanse is all about nourishing the body with life-infusing nutrients with juices made from fresh, raw (unpasteurized) and organic fruits and vegetables. So rev up the engine and get your blood pumping with live vitamins, minerals and enzymes to flush out those toxins promoting healing & renewal of body, spirit & mind.

“As you start looking great and feeling on top of the world, your skin will glow and you will radiate an exuberating radiance that get those heads turning and people swooning. Now who doesn’t want that!”



Can our bodies "cleanse" themselves?

YES our bodies are capable of detoxifying and healing themselves given all the toxins & junk we expose them to. BUT they can do an even better job to detoxify and heal at a more efficient and effective rate if the best environment is provided to our bodies.

Imagine a car, changing the oil and filer regularly will helps the car to run smoothly and cleanly. The same should be done to our body,  by giving the body a detox to clean the body's filer system, it has an even higher chance of healing and functioning optimally when juice cleanse is carried out regularly.

The Juice itself isn't some form of elixir that will cure every (or any) disease, but the process of juice cleansing does give your body a reboot, to detoxify and heal itself. Even if healthy eating and living has already been your lifestyle, introducing a juice cleanse can be beneficial and develop a different, healthier way of life, a life that you will feel and look fresher and better than ever before.

Ready to start your juice cleanse? Check out our Cleansing Kit (available in 3 & 5 days).

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