Skinny Genes

  • Our raw, organic, unpasteurized fresh juices encourage caloric burns madly by speeding up your innate metabolism. Its not just a few inches off those waist, arms, thighs, belly but rather our juices turn those “genes skinny”. Your digestive system will be well rested and renewed as you experience a full body optimal detoxification, achieving better and balanced food choices, eliminated cravings, reduced appetite and natural weight loss in a safe way.

      • bottles of juices including 1 nut milk per day nutritionally formulated to aid natural weight loss
        • MeanGreen – Celery, Cucumber, Ginger, Kale & Green Apple
        • FieldsOfGreen – Kale, Romaines, Mint, Celery & Cucumber
        • PurplePower – Beetroot, Green Apple, Celery, Red Cabbage & Ginger
        • OrangeTango – Pineapple, Cucumber & Carrot
        • Original NutMylk
        • Spicy Lemonade
      • Cooler bag
      • Uniquely designed The Juice Kit eBooklet – guidelines & motivational quotes for your cleanse journey

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