Beauty Cleanse re-branded as The Juice Kit



Beauty Cleanse, the veteran of juicing industry, now re-branded to The Juice Kit, seeks to offer a more holistic approach for juice cleansing and to provide a comprehensive approach to healthy living. Under this new branding, there will be more collaborations and activities coming up.

The Juice Kit (Beauty Cleanse) promises to continue to uphold the vision of promoting juice cleansing - to develop beauty from within.

There will be no change in the quality of every bottle of juice, and the commitment to all customers. The Juice Kit aims to continue serving this community by delivering organic cold pressed juice of the highest standard. The goodness and ideology behind Beauty Cleanse remains a core value of The Juice Kit, we will continue to produce the previous all-time favourite cleanse menu with new additions added to Cleansing Kit (Available in 3 & 5 Days) and Daily Juicing (Available in 1 Day).

Do look out for upcoming news and promotions brought to you by The Juice Kit


Welcome to The Juice Kit!

Organic - Healthy Living - The Juice Kit

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