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At The Juice Kit, our aim is to provide you with a nutrient-packed, healthy and convenient juice plan that can be incorporated into your everyday life. You can be holding an office hour job, a full-time student, or even a stay home mum. Our juice plans are designed to suit the modern lifestyles of each individual.

Guidelines are created for pre, during and post Juice Cleanse to make the cleansing journey more enjoyable & memorable. Just leave the hard work to us and prepare to enjoy and benefit from the most nutritious & best-tasting juices.

Benefit of Cleansing

The Juice Kit Energy

Increased Energy

Quicker absorption of nutrients and enzymes leads to increased energy levels.

The Juice Kit Glowing Complexion

Glowing Complexion

Juicing pushes nutrients through to your system quicker, resulting in a reverse aging process when these antioxidants fights off free radical damages. Keeping yourself hydrated and gives you a glowing complexion.

The Juice Kit Elevated Metabolism

Elevated Metabolism

Juicing can aid metabolism and increase in fat burn rate, take a step further by incorporating simple exercises to lift your metabolism rate.

The Juice Kit Understanding Your Appetite

Understanding Your Appetite

You’ll realise that all the food and drinks indulgences has clouded your body’s understanding of how much intake you need.

The Juice Kit Heal Your Body

Heal Your Body

When your digestive system takes a rest for that hard-core digestive work, your body is able to realign and directs its energy to healing other part of your body from the inside out.

The Juice Kit Stronger Digestive System

Stronger Digestive System

Give your body a well-deserved break, allow it to recover and rejuvenate from all that strenuous digestive work it has been doing, and come back stronger than before.

The Juice Kit Increased Cognitive Clarity

Increased Cognitive Clarity

With cleansing, you will be able to focus better and stay alert on your tasks as toxin are removed from your system.

Why Cleanse?


Our physical bodies are much more sophisticated, worn out and overworked than any man-made machines. Resetting every once in a while will allow our bodies to clear themselves of the trash and junk that have been accumulated and congested throughout the years. 

From our daily activity that we carry out, and the food that we eat to the air that we breathe, causes unavoidable environmental pollutants and harmful toxins to be absorbed into our bodies. These toxins are being stored in places such as the colon, blood stream, lymph nodes, livers and kidneys. Over time, junk then starts to build up, restricting our bodies from receiving the full nutrients that they are meant to absorb and making it difficult to expel all that trash being produced.

A Juice Cleanse essentially gives the body the break that it deserves from unhealthy food choices, to recover and rejuvenate from all that strenuous digestive work it has been doing. But without you undergoing any form of diet, starvation or deprivation.


Cold Pressed Juices the best way to detox?


Most people will absorb more nutrients from drinking juices than from eating food. Our freshly cold-pressed fruit & vegetable juices contain maximum nutrients and require very little digestive efforts.

These nutrients then enter our bloodstream rapidly and are absorbed by the body with ease, that which makes raw juices such a powerful alkalizing agent and detoxifier.

Since juices also relieve our digestive systems from the hard work they have been doing previously, it frees up the body’s energy available for deep cleansing and regeneration of cellular activities.

Our nutritional juices specially prepared for you in mind are packed with superb nutrients, ensuring the highest biological quality food you can consume on this path to a renewed body and a healthier lifestyle.


All fresh, delivered straight to your doorstep, and ready to go! Each and every of our juice cleansing plan has been nutritionally designed to provide your entire body with earth’s richest nutrient-packed produce cold-pressed to perfection, as you undergo a complete renewal, revival & awakening.

Our cleanse plans are not only fuss-free and convenient (so that you are able to cleanse in conjunction with your everyday life), but we also take into consideration your existing lifestyle and dietary history so that we can guide you every step of the way. You will replace your meals, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks with 6 bottles of delicious cold-pressed juices delivered straight to your home or office.

Drink plenty of water, herbal teas, and continue to groove with activities such as yoga, swimming, jogging, and dancing. Pamper yourself with massages and spa treatments, all of which can essentially promote the detoxification process. So sit back, relax, and let the juice and your body do the work.

1. Pre-Cleanse

  • Reduce intake of the following to prepare your body at least 48 hours before your cleanse:
  • Refined grains such as white rice, white bread
  • Dairy such as milk, butter, mayonaise
  • Red meat such as beef and lamb
  • Processed food such as bacon, sausages, ham and canned food
  • Alcohol, caffeinated beverages
  • Sugar and other sweeteners
  • Salt
  • Introduce fresh fruits, raw greens and vegetables into your diet
  • Stay hydrated with at least 8 cups of water or herbal tea.
  • Avoid having a sumptuous big dinner the night before your Juice Cleanse starts, to minimize the initial side effects of the Cleanse on your first day.
  • Positive thinking and work on your mindset to gear yourself for the Juice Cleanse journey ahead. 


2. During Cleanse

  • Have a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning before you kick start your juice cleanse. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day with many glasses of water or herbal tea in between the juices.
  • Drink each juice slowly rather than gulping it down. Juices should be consumed approximately two to three hours apart.
  • Exercises such as yoga, swimming, or brisk walking can help boost detoxification and eliminate stagnant and stubborn toxins. 
  • You might experience some common detox symptoms such as sluggishness, restlessness, tiredness, headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, flu, breakouts, body aches and pains, irritability, insomnia, weakness, bloating and gas.
  • Each person’s experience of detox symptoms will differ and vary but this means that your body is actually working to eliminate all the toxins.
  • If your detox symptoms are unusual or you have any concerns about the side effects you may be suffering, please do consult your doctor immediately.
  • Never fail to keep reminding yourself about how awesome and amazing you will look and feel after the cleanse. 

3. After Cleanse

  • After your juice cleanse, break your cleanse gently by eating raw & light meals that are easy on your digestive system. 
  • Continue consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables even after you have completed your cleanse.
  • Now that you have achieved a NEW you, it is important to be mindful of what you put into your body after the cleanse.
  • Listen to what your body tells you and resist all the unhealthy cravings as best as you can.

Ready to start your juice cleanse? Check out our Cleansing Kit (available in 3 & 5 days).

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