Why The Juice Kit?



The idea of a Juice Cleanse might sound a tad bit intimidating and novel to you considering that all you are consuming will just be purely raw fresh organic juices but that’s why we are here to provide support and ensure that the whole juice cleansing process goes as smoothly as it can for you to enjoy the all the benefits a Juice Cleanse is intended to deliver.

“You see we are completely obsessed with raw organic juice because we have experienced the amazing effects a Juice Cleanse can do for our bodies.

And that’s why we would like to share this life-changing journey with you that will blow your mind and change the food choices that you make in life, gearing you towards a health-oriented way of living and eating.”



 Try us, you’ll be amazed.

6 reasons to choose The Juice Kit! 


Add-on Details

To maximise the potential benefits of your juice cleanse, we have formulated the below supplement packages as add-on to complement your Cleansing Kit.
For more details on each of the supplements, click here.

Supplement Set A

Supplement Set B