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How are our cold pressed juice made?

  • The Juice Kit uses a commercial hydraulic press juicer, which is different from conventional slow juicers that use centrifugal force 
  • Using the high-pressure hydraulic press, turning it into juices using a gentle crushing and squeezing action., This process subjects the juice to less oxidation and, since no heat is involved, essential vitamins, enzymes, proteins, and minerals are not lost in the juicing process.
  • In fact, independent research shows that a cold press juicer retains around double the nutrients to its centrifugal counterparts. This means more good stuffs are being retained!

    How long can the juice be kept for?

    • If unopened and refrigerated, You can keep the drinks for up to 3 days after you receive them, improper storage will compromise the freshness of your juices. 
    • Each drink comes with a best-before date.We’d recommend that you finish a bottle of juice as soon as it’s opened.
    • Upon receipt of juice, please have it refrigerated between 1 - 4 °C.

    Why does this juice look different from when I last purchased it?

    • Our juices are handcrafted in our micro-juicery, so at times variations may occur. 
    • Before consumption, we suggest opening the bottle to release some of the pressure, and then shaking very well.

    How much does delivery cost?

    • We offer 1 free delivery service for 1 and 3 days cleanse - on the day before start of cleanse, and 2 free delivery service for 5 days cleanse - on the day before start of cleanse and the 3rd day.
    • All delivery will be made to the address stated during checkout.
    • For additional delivery location, there will be an additional delivery charge of $20

    When will delivery take place?

    • Delivery will take place 1 day before your cleanse start date
    • The delivery timings are as follows:
      – between 7pm to 10pm from Sunday to Friday

    • For 1 and 3 days cleanse, the juices will be delivered in 1 trip
    • For 5 days cleanse, we will deliver the juices for day 1 to day 3 in the first trip, and juices for day 4 to day 5 on a second trip, on the 3rd day of your cleanse.
    • For 5 days cleanse, if you wish to have the second trip done on another day instead of 3rd day, there will be an additional delivery charge of $20.

    What if I'm not home during delivery?

    • If no one is there to receive the goods, we will wait a maximum of 10 minutes. If there’s still no one there after 10 minutes and we are unable to contact you, we will leave with the goods as our products are perishable items, and cannot be left un-refrigerated for more than 2 hours.
    • A fee of $20 will be charged if you wish to arrange for re-delivery.

    Cancellation and Postponement policy

    • Postponements have to be made at least 2 days before date of delivery regardless when the order was placed. We are unable entertain refunds.

    What are the payment method accepted?

    • We accept payment by credit or debit card through the internationally-recognized PayPal. It’s extremely easy and fuss-free to make your payment via PayPal – you do not even need to sign up for an account. PayPal is currently the world’s standard for making and receiving payments online and is a secure mode of transaction that offers protection for both the buyer and the seller.

    Do I have to pay before delivery?

    • We can only proceed with your order once you have made your payment.

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