Delivery Information



Your delivery will be made the evening of your selected delivery date from 5pm to 9pm on Weekdays and 3pm to 8pm on Sunday straight to your door. This allows you to be fully ready to start your cleanse first thing in the morning on Day 1 of your Juice Cleanse journey. Please note that you must use the same delivery address for each delivery during your cleanse. We also require yourself or someone at the nominated address to receive your order, so that your juices can be stored immediately upon delivery and not be left unattended.



Our juices are produced on a Norwalk cold-press juice extractor, meaning that they will remain fresh for 3 days provided that they are being refrigerated as instructed. With a three-day cleanse, you will receive one delivery, for a five-day cleanse, you will receive two deliveries. Each order will incur a one-time delivery fee of $15 to be added to the total amount upon checkout for all Cleansing Kit and Daily Juicing.

This applies similarly to our “Daily Juicing” juice supplies. So if you have purchased less than 3 days worth of juices, you will receive one delivery; if you have purchased more than 3 days worth of juices, you will receive two deliveries (subjected to a maximum order of 5 days worth of juice supplies). 



The juices are packed in our specially designed The Juice Kit cooler bags to help keep the juices fresh during transportation. You will be able to carry the cooler bag around with your juices stored inside on the way to work, to the gym, etc. but they should be refrigerated as soon as possible once you have arrived at your destination.

*Cooler bag is given free for each Cleansing Kit purchase.



Delivery will be made to your NOMINATED DELIVERY ADDRESS as stated during checkout. You are responsible for making suitable arrangements for yourself or someone in the family/house/office to receive and sign for your delivery and giving us appropriate instructions. You also must have a working bell at your address and provide us with a contact number of the person collecting on your behalf.

If deliveries have to be made to any office/work premises, you have to be responsible to ensure that the delivery point is acceptable to your employer or office building policy for personal deliveries. In the event you may be unable to accept delivery in person or we are not allowed to make personal deliveries at the delivery point, you must provide us with a back up contact person who will be available to receive and sign for your orders.

Please notify us in email or via phone of any changes to your delivery address at least 3 days prior to your start date. Please note that we are not obliged to accommodate late changes to your delivery address.



If we are unable to deliver to the address that you have given to us for any reasons, we will attempt to contact you to make alternative arrangements. The contact number that you have registered on your account will be our point of contact so it is your responsibility to ensure that you are available on this number. Please note that our delivery driver will only be available to wait for a maximum of 10 minutes for your arrival. After this time period, if no one can be reached at the nominated address provided under your account and you and/or the contact person cannot be reached for an immediate solution, we shall hold no responsibility for re-delivery or provide any refund for the product. Under such circumstances where we are unable to deliver to you under no fault of ours and we arrange an alternative delivery point and time with you, we reserve the right to charge you additional costs to be applied on a case by case basis for alternative arrangements.

In the event that we are not able to deliver to you, or in instances of late delivery, for unforeseen reasons beyond our control, for example vehicle breakdown, traffic congestion, supplier failure or adverse weather conditions, we cannot accept any liability for any inconvenience or losses this might cause.

Add-on Details

To maximise the potential benefits of your juice cleanse, we have formulated the below supplement packages as add-on to complement your Cleansing Kit.
For more details on each of the supplements, click here.

Supplement Set A

Supplement Set B