Candyfloss Nutmylk

  • The Juice Kit’s  Nutmylk now comes in 6 different flavours, so you can keep indulging in your favourite Nutmylk passion. Perfectly crafted with passion, the richly, velvety swirls of our new Candyfloss Nutmylks will melt your heart into a yummy, calories-free puddle of love.

  • Product contains:

    • Black Sesame Nutmylk – Keep your hair and skin soft with this scrumptious twist to the traditional Asian dessert.
    • Marshmallow Nutmylk – Fall head over heels in love with this cute baby pink Nutmylk. Guaranteed to make you swoon with delight.
    • Green Tea Nutmylk – Matcha fanatics can now indulge in a full palette of smooth complex flavours that end in a silky finish.
    • Chocolate Nutmylk – Deliciously luxurious creamy chocolate flowing down your throat and sending tingles of pleasure through your entire body.
    • Coffee (decaf) Nutmylk – Calories be gone with the absence of sugar, milk and creamer! Let yourself be completely win over by this Nutmylk’s gorgeously crisp aroma and bright flavour!
    • Original Nutmylk – The original classic and your favourite before-bed comfort drink. Sweet dreams!

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